Christina & Patrick

We are best friends, love each other deeply, and are greatly looking forward to growing our family through adoption.

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Our Everyday Life

This is us…

  • Met at Ohio State University – in bugs class (Entomology)!
  • Lived in Arizona for 16 years, loved life in the desert, but moved to NC a couple of years ago and are loving our new home!
  • Married 16 years – built on partnership, give-and-take, and always making the effort to support each other through any challenge.
  • We strive to live by our so-called “house rules” of “Give your time. Do your part, then some. Say Thank You.”

Our fur babies

We LOVE to bring Gibson and Bubba along whenever possible. A nature hike + lunch on a dog-friendly patio = a pretty good day!

We enjoy…

We enjoy…

  • Traveling
  • Biking & Hiking
  • Half Marathons
  • Sporting Events
  • Skiing
  • The Beach
  • Golf
  • Cooking


Biking & Hiking

Half Marathons

Sporting Events


The Beach



About Patrick

Patrick helping build the next generation of entrepreneurs with their Lemonade Stand.

Patrick is a “crowd pleaser”! Wherever we go, he strikes up conversations and makes friends instantly. He is all about fun and spontaneity, and can somehow turn a mundane day of errands into an unexpected adventure. All the kids love “Crazy Uncle Patrick”, and at any gathering you can find him chasing, being chased or kids hanging from his limbs!

Patrick works in golf course construction, renovation and design – he jokingly says that all he does is draw and color!

About Christina

A visit to Battleship North Carolina!

Christina is warm, charming, and people have a way of gravitating to her. Compassionate towards others, she believes that people (herself included), are capable of nearly anything. I know she’ll strike that balance of serious and fun as a mom, ensuring our child can chase their dreams and take on anything that life throws their way!

Christina leads employee training & development at a large organization, helping people discover opportunities for improvement and advancement within the company.

All are welcome at this table!

Every year we host “Orphans’ Thanksgiving”, where any friends, family, friends-of-friends, their kids and their dogs can celebrate the holiday with us. One year we hosted 41 people and 13 dogs!

We are beach people!

We are affectionately known to our nieces and nephews, and our many pseudo nieces and nephews, as “Crazy Uncle Patrick” or “P-Man” and “Ti-Ti” or “Aunt ‘Steena”.

Getting ready for KAYAKING!

P-Man & G-Man!

Pizza night is awesome!

Skiing is a huge tradition in Christina’s family, and we can’t wait to take our child down the slopes in Colorado. Her grandfather (Opa) skied until he was 93!

Many of our loved ones see us as connectors and the “glue” in different circles. Our life’s journey has given us relatives and “chosen family” in Ohio, Arizona, NC, as well as around the globe in Germany, Austria and as far as Australia! Everyone has been incredibly supportive of our adoption journey and we can’t wait to connect our child with this amazing extended family!

Our Promise

A little sweet; a lot of silly; full of love, gratitude, adventure and learning – that is the environment we promise to provide our child.

This home is built on love and shenanigans

Thank You

Through open adoption, you will also join our “chosen family”, and we want our child to be proud of that and of your importance to their story. Our family, particularly our NC group who is such a huge part of our day-to-day, is waiting with open arms to welcome our child into our own crazy little world! If you or someone you know is making an adoption plan, please reach out to us or our agency for more information!

Patrick and Christina

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